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    Find the right products with ease . DISCOVER OUR VIRTUAL TOURS THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO SIMPLIFY YOUR PRODUCT NEEDS We have tailored our virtual tours to ensure you have the best experience when picking products that are essential for you and your property type. When navigating through our property virtual tours, you will find tabs that once hovered over, will display the products we think you need in that room. Once the tab is clicked on you will be redirected to our shop page to purchase. ​ When navigating our property map, select the room that you inquire product guidance on and we will provide you with a tailored guide, and tips on the specific products needed. A document will pop up that will make your shopping experience that much simpler. If you have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us HERE START YOUR VIRTUAL TOURS. Click your property type HEALTHCARE EDUCATIONAL RESIDENTIAL

  • Industry | My Site

    As a Healthcare provider and leader in the industry, in addition to many educational institutions and fitness centres, Group Xtreme supplies all of your cleaning needs. Group Xtreme also supplies cleaning & maintenance companies . Your business matters to us. At Group X treme we pride ourselves in putting our customers first. We build and maintain customer loyalty by ensuring your utmost satisfaction. We go beyond our means to personalize your needs through our extensive product knowledge. We not only offer you the best products in the current market that are tailored for you, but we also ensure a cost efficient plan based on your needs. With our advanced technology you will see great value in it's efficacy. We offer training and educational seminars. GET A QUOTE. Contact us HERE

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